KKR Mid-Season Recap


The 2018 World of Outlaws Season has been a thrilling one, but it has also been plagued by rain. So far this season, out of the 40 scheduled races only 27 have been run, seven of the races have been cancelled and a total of nine races have been postponed. They have already made up four of the postponed races.

To kick off the season for Kasey Kahne Racing, the teams travelled to Barberville, Fla. for the three-day season opener at Volusia Speedway Park. Owner Kasey Kahne joined both full season drivers, Daryn Pittman and Brad Sweet for two of the three nights at Volusia Speedway. Daryn Pittman and the Ionomy #9 kept his car in the top 15 for most of the weekend, Brad Sweet and the NAPA #49 car continually progressed over each race which landed him a second-place finish on the final night, and Kasey Kahne and the Ollies Bargain Outlet #4 only ran on Friday and Saturday but kept himself in the mix on the two nights, but the results doesn’t reflect his performance.

Following the races at Volusia, the Outlaws headed West to race in Texas, Las Vegas, California and Arizona. Seven of the following 13 events were either cancelled or postponed to a later date because of rain. With the six races the Outlaws could complete in the West coast swing, Brad Sweet and Daryn Pittman earned six top-10 finishes and ten top-15 finishes.

Starting in late April, over the course of eight races the KKR teams went on a hot streak, capturing four wins (Pittman 3, Sweet 1), 12 top-five finishes, and 18 top-1 finishes. The teams hot streak came to a halt when rain plagued the series once again, causing five more races to be cancelled or postponed. Once the rain relinquished and the Outlaws got back to racing the teams started to heat up again. Over the next couple of races Brad Sweet picked up his second win, and earned five top-10 finishes, while Daryn Pittman wasn’t far behind earning four top-10 finishes.

Next up for the Outlaws was the 40th annual three day Jackson Nationals, in Jackson, Minn. The first night of racing was postponed due to rain. This created a full day of racing on Friday. The races that were supposed to be run on Thursday night were now going to be run on Friday night, causing the race that was scheduled for Friday night to become an afternoon race. As a highlight of the weekend, Daryn Pittman and Brad Sweet both grabbed top-five finishes. Which added five more top-10 finishes to their season.

Mid-Season Results run down:

Daryn Pittman #9 Ionomy

Wins Top 5’s Top 10’s Top 15’s
3 8 19 23


Brad Sweet #49 NAPA AUTO PARTS

Wins Top 5’s Top 10’s Top 15’s
2 16 23 27